Tuesday Top 10

Welcome to the Tuesday Top 10!
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This week we are sharing our Top 10 facts about yourself and here are mine:

10. The beach/ocean is my favorite place ever
9. I wear flip flops year round, even though I live in an area where we get a lot of snow
8. Vanilla Coke is my favorite drink
7. I started scrapbooking in 2000
6. I love the heat and could lay in the sun all day long
5. Even though I could cook, I didn't start enjoying it until I started to stay at home in 2010
4. I've had 3 c-sections and wouldn't change a thing
3. I'm currently making my first quilt
2. I love DIY projects and have a hard time buying things if I think I could make it myself
1. I started my weight loss journey on July 1st and am down 24 pounds!

Next week, it's only fitting that we talk candy. Your Top 10 favorite candy. 

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  1. i wear flipflops all yr round too! But as much as i love them, mother nature forces me to wear socks or slipper booties. and quilts! I love quilts. I am envious of your skills :)

  2. Used to wear flip flops all year, but now I don't. Favorite flip flop wearing day...3 1/2 weeks after surgery on my ankle (Doctor didn't think I would be walking down the aisle 9 months after surgery) I walked into his office for a post op checkup. Snow on the ground and flip flops on with toe socks. The guy was so proud and amazed.

    The ocean/beach is the ONLY thing I miss about living in SC! I need to be closer to a good beach!


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