DIY: EAT letters

I found these last summer on Pinterest and had to have them!

You can't get much of an easier project- but I failed to take pictures along the way! Darn it!

But it's only a few steps.

1. I picked up the cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby. Along with a platinum spray paint.
2. Spray the letters (in a ventilated area! Boy, spray paint stinks!)
3. Let dry, and do a second coat.
4. I used command strips on the back and hung them up.

What do you think? What word would you make?

 photo newSignature_zpsf5839e70.jpg


  1. These are super cute. I used to have some letters like these in my kitchen that spelled "NOM"/

  2. I like that too! My husband didn't really care for it being in the kitchen and said I might come home one day to the letters rearranged, but so far they are still in tact! ;)


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