Foodie Friday: BLT {modified}

If you are planning to lose weight, everyone knows that what you eat is important. Before I started really exercising I started with changing the things I ate, and eating less and noticed a difference.

One of my staples since starting on my weight loss journey is a BLT {modified}.

(turkey) bacon

Cook your bacon. I just cook it in the microwave.
Cut up lettuce, tomato and cheese.
Toast your bread.


This one was for Zach. It has mayo and sliced cheese on it.

But this one was mine:

Not quite as pretty. I was at the end of a loaf of bread so I had a white heel and a piece of Sara Lee 45 calorie bread for my other slice. I put cheese on one side but on the other side I used a partial wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese Light Garden Vegetable. It's my favorite. I don't normally put sliced cheese also but I guess I did this time!

Do you like BLT's? Do you add anything to them to make them your own modified version?

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  1. Love them! One of my favorites. Sometimes a thinly sliced avocado is nice on one too.

  2. Yum BLTs are my very favorite, though I like them classic.

  3. Yes, I love avocado on mine too! If I was eating them my old way it would have been on a croissant also. ;)

  4. Believe me, I do too! But I try not to eat that way too often anymore!


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