Foodie Friday: Smoked Paprika Chicken

Recently I had a chance to try out some new products from Velata. One of which was the Smoked Paprika Artisan Rub. I have never tried a rub and have wanted to for a long time, so I was really excited to give this a shot.

You should probably try it for yourself, but I'll say it was delicious and we all loved it. Zach actually asked me if I would make it again the next night.

2 chicken breasts
2 T Velata smoked paprika
1 small onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, diced
3 T olive oil
2 T vinegar

Mix ingredients together
Pour over chicken
Marinade overnight
Cook at 375 for 30 minutes

Here it is soaking in the marinade. It smelled so good!

Give this a try! It's amazing!

Also check out Velata's website and on Facebook.



  1. this looks good but also I bet it's hot and spicey huh? and due to my medical stomach issue I so dont need spicey and hot stuff even though I love it at times.

  2. I am so sick of my 3 typical chicken recipes so this came at the perfect time. I had no idea a that Velveeta had rubs. Can't wait to check it out.

  3. Sorry Sara, it's not Velveeta, it Velata. It's from the same company as Scentsy!

  4. It was delicious and surprisingly not really spicy!


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