March 20 wishes {and a giveaway!}

Every year these months go by faster and fast. I can't believe it's already time for another progress update. -Check out last months progress HERE. This month I did manage to cross a couple of things off of my list and work on others- so that feels great to get some things done!

  1. Decorate our master bedroom

  2. Save blog money to put towards a blog conference

  3. Make my own skirt

  4. Go huckleberry picking

  5. Host a dinner party

  6. Learn to identify 10 constellations

  7. Make a perfect cheesecake

  8. Finish Summer's quilt

  9. Spend an afternoon reading in the park

  10. Improve my posture

  11. Try out Stitch Fix

  12. Start donating blood again

  13. Go on a double date

  14. Take a class (cooking/sewing/dance)

  15. Massively de-clutter my house

  16. Don't spend any money for a week

  17. Send flowers to someone

  18. Put change in someone's expired parking meter

  19. Get a "little black dress"

  20. Get to my ideal weight

#13. Travis and I went and did our first wine tasting with another couple that we've been friends with forever. It's always fun to get out for date nights but it was really nice to go out in the middle of the day with no kids and with another couple- because that never happens. We really enjoyed the wine tasting and the company.

#2. Money is being saved as we speak and I'm keeping my eye out for the perfect blog conference. I think I already know which ones I'd like to go to but which have you gone to and which would you recommend and why?

#1. All of my bedroom decorations have been purchased, made and are ready to go. The only thing left is to paint. This last weekend I found the color I wanted, and was planning to paint just one wall, so it'd be quick and easy. Travis was on board with the color and I was going to paint this coming weekend and then put the room together... but now, Travis suggested that maybe the gray color that I picked might be a little too dreary and I'm questioning  whether I still love it or if I should pick another color. So what do you think? Is gray too dreary for a bedroom?

#8. Summer's quilt is finished. And it turned out pretty darn great! It was quite a bit of work- which I knew it would be, and to make matters tougher I could only work on it while Summer was sleeping because she liked to make the sewing machine go on her own. ;)  But here it is:

#15. The decluttering is still happening. I have taken so much to Goodwill, a ton has gone in the trash and I have been trying my hand at selling things on facebook, which has gone pretty good!  So I'm getting closer to getting my house cleaned out and closer to the day we start working on finishing the downstairs bedroom!

#20. I'm working everyday on getting to my ideal weight. I'm trying to run at least every other day and sometimes more- plus I'm gearing up for a 12k in May and I can't wait!

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I have really enjoyed looking at everyone else's progress, I hope you'll link up. And it's never too late to jump on board!



  1. Good list! I hope to find a blog conference to go to at some point as well.
    Love that quilt!

  2. I really think it depends on the grey... I have a guest bedroom that I painted grey and it looked really nice as long as everything else was bright, like the bedspread, curtains, etc...

    Summer's quilt looks AMAZING!!! So pretty! Well done girlie!

  3. Yeah, I know there is a fine line with gray tones, I just need to find that line!
    And thank you. I am super happy with how her quilt turned out!


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