Must Haves {in your hospital bag}

Don't worry, I'm not gearing up to pack bags.... Nor will I ever be, remember this post?

But as a mom of three, I've packed my share of bags and I just wanted to share what worked for me:

Life as I know it, pregnancy,

Luckily, my hospital really provided a lot for our stay. Snacks/endless food for me-once it was allowed, mesh undies-which I personally loved, Diapers/wipes for baby, etc. So those were things I didn't really need to take much.

What were Must Haves for your bags?

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  1. Good list! There were two things I didn't take that I wish I hair brush (not sure how I forgot that!) and an old jacket of my husband's that I always sleep with. lol Because of the time my son was born and hospital policy, we had to spend two (very terrible) nights in the hospital and I really wish I had the comfort of that jacket. We also took a couple DVDs, which was nice to break up the monotony of having nothing to do in the hospital all day the day after he was born.


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