Home made Christmas Stockings

 I know what you are thinking: Kate, it's June, why are you sharing a tutorial for home made Christmas stockings? Right? Am I right??

But this is why I'm sharing it now: For the last couple of years I kept saying I was going to make new ones and it was finally time.  I made these about 2 weeks before Christmas because I refused to put our old stockings up!  And I was so happy with how they turned out.

I grabbed some fat quarters from Joann's Fabric.  Each stocking is going to need 2 fat quarters of what fabric you want. I chose to make mine random, getting a little pink in there for Summer and I. (And I made an extra for the dog.)

Then I took a piece of printer paper and traced an old stocking. The old Christmas stockings were a little bigger so I just adjusted them to fit.  Then I cut the paper out and pinned them onto the fabric and cut the fabric around my template.

After I cut all my pieces (4 pieces for each stocking: front and back and then inside front and back, make sense?) I then took two pieces and pinned them together up at the tops. Do this with all of your pieces, but make sure that your toes are always facing the same direction like in the picture below.

Now you are going to take 2 of your stocking pieces and place one on top of the other, toes pointed in the same direction. Make sure both pieces are the "incorrect" side facing out. (So not the pretty side of your fabric) Go ahead and pin all the way around your stocking, making sure you leave about an inch so you can flip the stocking to the "correct" side.  At this point you will also want to add ribbon in before you sew if you plan to hang them.

I apologize that I didn't seem to take pictures after this point. But it's really simple.  

Next you are going to pull the stocking through the one inch hole to turn your stocking to the "correct" side. So now  it'll look like above picture except all sewn together! Then you just push the "inside" of your stocking into the "outside" piece, flip down the top if you choose and you have a Christmas stocking!


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    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  2. Love these! My mom made all of our stockings and we still use the same ones from our first Christmas. She also makes one for all new spouses/kids and jokes that she has to hunt for the ugliest fabric in the store so the match all the ones from the 70's & 80's...I love these so much more than store bought ones.


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