Summer Fun Citrus Coasters

I found these awesome Citrus Coasters online and I knew I needed them! I've been itching to replace the "fishing/hunting" ones that Travis had when I met him for a long time and then when we got our new table a few weeks ago I knew it was time!  Our new table is counter height and having a ceramic coater go off the edge by a certain little girl just doesn't sound like something I want to happen!

So I headed to Joann's Fabric and grabbed some super fun summer colors for these citrus coasters. 

When I got home I first traced the rim of a cup for my outer ring and then I traced the base for the inner ring. Make sure you use a big enough cup so you end up with the right size coasters!

So now I have two sizes. The color for the outside and back and the white for the inner smaller circle.

Next I cut out 8 little triangles and even cut the little "seed" out just like the originals. Then I pinned them all together, leaving off the back piece.

The reason you are going to leave off that back piece is so that after you sew all your triangles on you'll sew on the back piece and it covers all of your thread pieces up.

So now that you've sewn on all of your triangles you are going to sew around the edge of your coaster. Once you get to the end you'll want to tie off the string and make sure your string is tucked neatly inside your coaster, hidden away. And that's it! Well, except now you have to do the rest! I did two of each color, so a total of 10! And anyone can hand sew, so these citrus coasters are the project for you!

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