DIY: Easy Envelope Pillows

Every bed needs toss pillows, lots and lots of pillows. So I used an old square pillow that I've had for years and just made a new envelope pillow case so I could toss out the old ugly one.

First I measured my pillow to make sure of it's size. It was a 16 inch pillow. So next I measured out my material.

I need one square for the front that is a 17x17 inch square and two rectangles for the back that measure 10.5 inches x17 inches.

Want to change the measurements to fit your pillow? Whatever size of your pillow, just add 1 inches for the front piece. And for the backs you'll still want two rectangles and the way you are going to measure those is by taking your pillow size, divide by 2 and add 2.5. That will give you the short edge measurement. The long side is the same as your front. So if you have a 14 inch pillow your measurements would be 15x15 inches for the front and 15x9.5 for each rectangle.

Now that you have that figured out, let's move on!

Next you are going to iron down a 1/2 inch seam on one of the long sides on each rectangle. Then you are going to sew down that seam you just ironed.

Now place your front piece on your table, GOOD side up. And place your rectangles down on top of your square GOOD side down. Making sure to match up your corners. Your hemmed edges should meet right in the middle of your pillow to create your opening and they will overlap each other.

Next, you are going to pin all the way around your pillowcase. And then sew!

Now flip your pillow case inside out so that you are looking at the GOOD sides of your pillow case. Iron it if you need to- obviously, I needed to.

And then add your pillow!

Great job! You just finished your Envelope pillow case that you didn't pay a small fortune for!

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