DIY: Easy bed Pillows

Part of updating our master bedroom was some decorative pillows for our bed. I had one that was old but in great shape and just needed a new cover (coming soon!) but I also needed a couple additional pillows just because I love pillows and didn't have enough! Who really has too many pillows? (Me, if you ask my husband!)

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These pillows couldn't have gotten any easier because I didn't even have to cut the fabric! I had gone to Joann's in search of a fun fabric or two and came across this "fat quarter" material. Except the cool thing was that these weren't actually fat quarters, but fat eighths.

What is a fat eighth? It's a cut of material that is 9x22 (rather than 18x22 like a fat quarter) which was perfect for my little pillows!

I pinned them together all the way around except one little area for me to pull the material through when I'm finished. Then I sewed them together in a matter of a couple of minutes and then flipped them the right way.

Then I stuffed them full with pillow stuffing that I got at Joann's with a 50% off coupon. And Ta-Da! They are super cute and I made them in about 10 minutes. It doesn't really get any easier, or cheaper than this project.

What do you think about these cute pillows?

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