DIY: Headboard

I found this awesome Headboard over at Young House Love and knew it was the one I wanted to make. It was so simple and even though I changed mine up a tiny bit it gave me a great start on what I needed to do to finish my headboard!

While we were over at Travis' dad's house last fall he used a board he had laying around and cut this out for me. I brought measurements so he knew exactly what I wanted and him and Travis took care of the rest. They also used some other wood he had around and made legs for us to screw onto the headboard once it's finished. That way it can sit at the perfect height for the bed.

Then using a Joann's coupon I purchased enough extra loft batting to cover it twice. So with my staple gun in hand I stapled the batting to the headboard.  (With the coupon it made the batting about $6!)

Then using another Joann's coupon I purchased my fabric. I used 2 yards of fabric to cover the headboard and there was a little left to spare that I kept in my scrap pile. I used the staple gun again and went around the entire board, starting with the sides first to make sure it was nice and tight. Then I went across the bottom and then did the top until everything was pulled nice and tight.

 So here it is, all finished! Next step is to put on the legs to stand it up to the correct height!

It turned out just like I imagined and I am so excited to get it up on the bed and everything set up!

Because Trav's dad already had the wood I didn't have to buy any! So for the headboard I only had to buy the batting which was $6 with my 50% off coupon and the 2 yards of fabric which was $9 with a 50% off coupon! So $14 for my entire headboard! What a super steal!


  1. You make it look so easy! How long did it take you to make it? Also, by the looks of it, it would be easy to change up the fabric depending on the season. I mean, if you wanted to, that is! ;)

  2. Thank you Janice. It was actually really easy. I think that I put it together in an hour or less, it was THAT easy! And yes, you could easily recover it which is a great bonus for me because I like to change things up!


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