20 Wishes- August

  1. Decorate our master bedroom
  2. Save blog money to put towards a blog conference
  3. Make my own skirt
  4. Go huckleberry picking
  5. Host a dinner party
  6. Learn to identify 10 constellations
  7. Make a perfect cheesecake
  8. Finish Summer’s quilt
  9. Spend an afternoon reading in the park
  10. Improve my posture
  11. Try out Stitch Fix
  12. Start donating blood again
  13. Go on a double date
  14. Take a class (cooking/sewing/dance)
  15. Massively de-clutter my house
  16. Don’t spend any money for a week
  17. Send flowers to someone
  18. Put change in someone’s expired parking meter 
  19. Get a “little black dress”
  20. Get to my ideal weight
Ok, progress this month? Ya, limited. I'm getting to the point where I don't have a lot left on my list, and some of the things are big ones. However, I'm working on them still.

#20. I'm not close to my ideal weight. But I'm working on it and doing ok. I have my first half marathon coming up in October and I'm getting ready for it. (sorta)

#10. I'm always working on my posture. While it's not as terrible as it was, it could still be better.

And #15. I worked on this a ton during the first couple of months of the year. But then items got shifted in the house to finish the room in the basement, and it's still not done. So right now a lot of my "clutter" is packed away. I'm not pushing it to the side though, it'll get worked through for sure!

But what did I actually finish? Well, I'm officially crossing off #2. I have a good amount of money saved up to put to a conference. However I have no idea which one I'm actually going to go to. Any ideas for me? Also, I've purchased a laptop and a swing set for my kiddos and that feels pretty great!

And I'm crossing off #6. I've spent time looking at the stars this summer and actually can point out different constellations, which I love!

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  1. Send flowers to someone - how sweet! Love that cute baby headband! Happy weekend. xxx


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