DIY Baby Legs

Well over a year ago I did a guest post for a blog friend of mine and I shared these DIY Baby legs. And I thought I'd finally share them here.

Babies have adorable clothes, but sometimes they need more than a little onesie to wear around the house. And I'm sure we've all see the adorable baby legs you can buy. But lets be real. They are kinda pricey! When I saw them I totally thought I could make them. I mean, I hadn't used a sewing machine since about 7th grade during Home Ec, but I figured it can't really be that hard! (right???) So my mom came over and gave me a crash course in using the sewing machine I had bought about 7 years before, but had never used!

And I got right to work! This is what I started with:

I bought these knee high socks at Target for $1.50. And I got a few pairs that were clearanced out for just $1. Then I cut off the tips of the toes and the ankle. I did that because the tutorial I was using made a little cuff for the bottom, but I ended up deciding to skip that step! My daughter wasn't going to know the difference anyway!

Then I used a zig zag stitch and ran it through slowly, pulling it real tight. That is what's going to give you that cute little ruffle.

And here we have it. Easy peasy!
You've just made your first pair of baby leggings! And I'll tell you this, Target has so many cute pairs of these socks, that it gets a little addictive. So enjoy!

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