Summer is two!

Two years have passed and I can't even begin to know where that time has gone. It feels like just yesterday I was introducing Summer to everyone!

Summer is such a smart and sassy girl and just full of energy! When she is happy, she is SO happy! And when she is mad, she is SO mad! (She'll even growl at you!)

Here are a few more facts about Summer on her 2nd Birthday:

She loves getting her nails painted
She loves showers, baths and any water I'll let her get in.
She talks like crazy, and says so many words/sentences that I can't even keep track.
She loves to give kisses and hugs
She loves to swing and be outside.
She loves to eat. This girl doesn't miss a meal!
She loves to yell down the stairs for "Zachary!"

She finally stopped nursing right at 23 months. And even though I'm glad that we are done with that phase, a little tiny part of me misses it. Though we get lots of other "us" time together too.

She is an "In your face" kind of girl. She loves to be up close, skin to skin, and always touching when she is tired. It doesn't matter where we are, if she is tired she will lift up my shirt so she can lay on my belly.

You are an amazing napper. Sometimes you will sleep for 4-5 hours if I'll let you. And it doesn't matter if you sleep a long time, or a half hour, you don't typically go to bed until 9:30-10 and you are right back up at 6:30. As soon as you hear Dad start the shower you want in the bathroom!

You sleep with us every.single.night.  Ya, I'm working on this one. You sleep wonderfully in your bed at nap time but when it comes to bedtime you want nothing to do with your room. Soon you will have your own room and I will be working hard to break this habit.

Another habit I look forward to breaking is the binky. You love it and sleep with it but I think we can get rid of it easily. (Famous last words, right?)

You are still pretty tiny. You might look "chubby" but you are still wearing mainly 18 month clothes. Leggings are fine, but 18 month jeans are still (way) too big.

You are doing so good with potty training! You decided a couple of months ago that you wanted to use the potty and have been doing great since. It's rare to change a poopy diaper and you wake up dry most mornings. I look forward to the day of no diapers!

You are such a big girl, with so much spunk. You are your own girl and don't let people boss you around! I look forward to what the future holds for you and I hope for lots of wonderful years ahead!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl. We sure love you!

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