Freezer Meals

Over the last few years I have really come to love cooking, but that doesn't mean that I always have time to put together a fabulous meal for my family.  That is why I love freezer meals.  Every once in a while I get a wild hair to do a bunch of meals and get them in the freezer, and I'm always so glad I did. So I really want to start making this a more regular thing in my house.

In the Summer we are so busy with activities, and it's hot and I don't want to use my oven too often.  And during the school year we are so busy with activities and homework, and school stuff that I have even less time. Not to mention I can't get a good natural light picture in the winter for the life of me.

And while I've made freezer meals in the past, and you can find them here, these are the first I'm sharing for a series based solely on Freezer Meal Planning.

Here is what I made for this round:

Crockpot Chicken Philly's

Goulash x2

Teriyaki Chicken

Spaghetti sauce x2

Mini muffin omelettes (toddler breakfast) x12 muffins

Spaghetti cups (toddler lunch) x 12 muffins

Corndog muffins (toddler lunch) x 18 muffins

Banana muffins x 18 muffins

For this first round of freezer meals I looked all over Pinterest to find the ones I knew my family would really love, and more importantly, that they would eat! And other than the Philly's and the spaghetti sauce, we had not eaten any of these before. And most of these came from Ring Around the Rosies amazing freezer planning posts.

I was really happy with all of them and would make all of them again- with a couple of adjustments.

Do you Menu Plan? Make Freezer Meals? What are some of your favorite?

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