The Love Dare Day 7

Love believes the best

Relationships are not perfect. Mine included. I think that it is so easy to focus on the negative. To look at the things that our spouse is not doing, rather than the things they are. I can tell you of time after time that I was quickly annoyed when I thought something should be done, or wasn't getting done. I'm not exactly the most patient.

Your relationships with yourself, your spouse, and with God are something that you should be working on daily. Not something that you have checked off the list because they are completed. Their is always work to be done.

We all have issues, baggage, flaws. But only you get to choose whether you are spending your time in the Depreciation Room, wearing yourself down with the negative. Or if you are going to spend your time in the Appreciation Room, with love building you up.
Take today's dare and be honest with yourself and your spouse.
Choose to live in the Appreciation Room.  

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