Tutu and Fairy Wings review and GIVEAWAY!

My kids love to play pretend. They have a kitchen set and a BBQ, a playhouse, and Summer has several little princess outfits. Not to mention their endless imaginations! These kids come up with any and everything out there. Sometimes I hear them say things and I wonder, "How in the world did they put that together?"

So when I was approached about doing a review and giveaway with Just Pretend Kids for kids pretend play wear, I couldn't refuse. I saw all the cute princess outfits, the headbands, the tutus, the fairy wings :::swoon:::

As you can clearly see, Summer was enjoying it. I picked the Pansy Tutu and wings and I was not disappointed! She looks so sweet!

So much excitement! She was in awe and kept wanting to go look at herself in the mirror. And she kept saying "pretty".

Here are 3 long-term benefits of pretend play (from Just Pretend Kids):

It encourages creativity and cognitive flexibility - When playing make-believe, kids come up with different ideas, stories and symbols. According to Psychology Today, this encourages creativity and enhances cognitive flexibility later on.

It develops self-regulation skills – Children use toys, such as dress-up costumes, that allow them to make up possible scenarios with their friends. These make-believe games help children develop self-regulation skills like reduced aggression, delay of gratification and empathy because they are challenged to play different roles.

It helps them learn important social skills –Imaginative play puts children in hypothetical situations. Even though these situations are fictional (for example, a princess stuck in a castle tower because there’s a fire-breathing dragon below), imagining different scenarios and dealing with friends in these scenarios can help them learn important social skills like communication and problem solving.

Not only can you find adorable princess outfits and dress up wear, but they have a ton of amazing Halloween costumes. You can get an Ice Queen, Mermaids, Witches, Vampires, the possibilities are endless!

I am so happy to be able to do a giveaway for a Tutu and a set of Fairy wings to one of my readers.
And you can also use code "Blog10" to receive 20% off of your order! What a steal!

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  1. I was a bag of jelly beans once - i.e. a clear garbage bag full of balloons. That was pretty fun, but hard to get around in.

  2. I like being a pirate

  3. I had a flapper dress when I was little that I loved!

  4. I was a Britney Spears in college(Dorito eating, barefoot in public bathrooms Britney)

  5. I love that. I remember a girl in my son's class a couple of years ago that was a bag of jelly beans and I thought it was very creative!

  6. I'd love to see a picture of that one!


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