Hot Buttered Rum Mix

I remember when I was little and my mom would make Hot Buttered Rum mix, and while I never saw her put any rum with it, I can't imagine her and my dad were only putting it in their coffee or in hot chocolate like I was!

But with the winter months coming up I decided that I wanted to make some for my coffee. So I copied down my mom's recipe a couple of weeks ago and grabbed everything to make it. It is actually really simple but I was glad that I had my stand mixer to use because I don't think mix little hand mixer would have made it through the process.  *Side note: my mom didn't have a stand mixer in those days and she used her hand mixer just fine!*


1 lb. Powdered sugar

1 lb. Brown sugar

1 lb. Butter (the real stuff)

1 qt. Ice cream (I used vanilla)

2 tsp. Cinnamon

*nutmeg is pictured but I decided not to use any since my mom's recipe didn't call for it.

First, you need to let your butter and ice cream soften. Then add your butter and both sugars to your bowl and mix until completely mixed. You need to make sure it's not clumpy and all the butter gets mixed in.


Then you are going to add the ice cream and cinnamon. Mix really well, scraping the bowl regularly to insure it's mixed.



Finally, put it in a freezer safe container and freeze.  This make a huge batch so I put some in a small container to keep in my upstairs freezer and put the rest in our freezer downstairs.

Now put a heaping spoonful in your coffee or add a shot of rum and boiling water to a cup and have yourself a little drink! This is great to have on hand while your Thanksgiving guests are arriving and wanting something warm to drink!

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