5 Fitness Obstacles and How You can Overcome Them

Hi There! I hope you're staying warm! We have solid ice on the ground here, and it is 20 degrees outside....You know it's cold when you're pet Siberian Husky wants to stay inside and nap all day.

By now, the resolutions crowd is slowly starting to dwindle...hey maybe you're one of them. Since I workout at home, I miss the crowded gym rush this time of year.

When I was a health club manager, I would see so many people give up, because they either didn't have the knowledge to set up the process to get to their goals, or they didn't have the time/resources they needed to stay on that route.
I hope that by sharing these tips with you, that I'll spare you some resolution heartache.

Let's review some classic roadblocks, and I'll give you some ideas to get you solutions.

5 Fitness Solutions

1. I was doing great, but then I stopped seeing results. I give up...Ok. You're bored.Trying to have a fitness regimen that only includes yoga, or only includes running/the treadmill, or only includes heavy lifting sets you up for over training, plateaus, injury, and eventually giving up. Only using one component in your fitness regimen is like trying to eat a steak dinner with only steak. It might tastes good, but your body needs more than just protein to function at its healthiest, Adding diversity to your workouts will improve your performance in your favorite workout, as well as prevent injury. Don't be that person on the treadmill who looks/feels the exact same as they did 6 months ago.

2. I don't have the time. I hear you....but 30 minutes is 1/48 of your day...so really. Busy moms...naptime is your time. My sister-in-law has 8 kids, but she did 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix, and rocked it! If she can find time, then anyone can. If you have kids, make it a family affair. Compete with them on burpees (encourage proper form), time each other, do a workout dvd together. If you have a crazy work life, try a tabata workout on your lunch break. Really, 4 minutes will still let you run errands, and eat, and whatever else you need to do.

3. I have a tight budget. Listen, everyone does....I'm not saying invest in a fully furnished home gym...or go to the fanciest gym, but an exercise ball and set of resistance bands only cost about $30. (Just make sure you know how to use them properly.) Craigslist and second hand stores are great places to find dumbbells, and TJ Maxx and Marshall's usually carry name brand bands and other gear for a fraction of the cost.

4. "I've never worked out before. I don't know how to use exercise equipment/keep a food journal/schedule workouts". Trust me, when I started training, I didn't know anything, but I hired professionals...you wouldn't hire someone who's not a professional performing heart surgery on you would you? In fitness, "I want to do it myself" = "I am afraid to really commit to this." That's why there are certified fitness professionals....pay for a session for a trainer/wellness coach to evaluate your goals and help you determine what steps you should take to get there safely. Don't be afraid to learn something new. AceFitness.org has an online exercise library with tutorials for every exercise out there.

5. "I just can't figure out where I'm going wrong." Keep a workout/nutrition journal...if something is derailing your efforts, then I promise it will show up in your records. You don't want to obsess, and it's good for you to relax or have a treat now and then, but now and then doesn't mean every day....LOL It happens to all of us. Pick up where you left off. Once again, accountability is key. It's easier to drop off the radar if you don't have encouragement in some shape or form.

Remember, we've all been there. Getting healthy is like any other investment - what you invest is equal to the return you will make. What are your goals? What are some solutions you've had to create to stay headed in the right direction? What are some obstacle you've faced. Keep hanging in there! And feel free to reach out to me. I'd love to help you!

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  1. My biggest downfall is my diet! I actually enjoy going to the gym but I also love pizza, creamer in my coffee and any kind of pasta dish! Cutting back on processed food and sugar has been my resolution this year and it's harder to stay on track with than any workout I've ever done! But I also have seen better results than I ever have! These are great tips for staying motivated! Thank you!


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