Top 10 Fonts

Who doesn't love fun fonts? Especially when they're FREE! The scrapbooker in my really does! Even though I haven't worked on a scrapbook in probably a couple of years, I was always looking for fun fonts, and still to this day when I come across one that I love I add it to one of my scrapbook Pinterest boards!

Top 10 Fonts

What I want for Christmas

PeanutButter Smoothies

Drawing with markers

East Coast Stationary

Frosting for Breakfast

The Only Exception

KG Somebody that I used to know

KG Skinny Latte

Chocolate Covered Raindrops

Upstairs at the Abbey

What do you think of these? Pretty awesome, right? Make sure you click the links above to get to the download of the fonts! And be kind and follow the guidelines for each font!

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