Happy St. Patrick's Day

I had a cute little post planned for today, with pictures that I was going to take this morning of the kids in their St. Patrick's Day shirts, however, I should have known that my plans like that rarely work out!

During the night Tyler started to throw up again. Yesterday afternoon he seemed to develop a cough rather quickly and while it didn't seem to happen often, he was coughing pretty hard when he did cough. He told me that he coughed really hard and threw up. Luckily, he hasn't since, but he does have a temp. So I didn't want to make him put on a shirt just for a picture. So we'll see how he feels this afternoon and maybe I can get one to add! I also didn't take one of Zach in his shirt- So Summer is all you get for now, and even she wasn't very interested in letting me see what her shirt said!

IMG_20150317_094534 IMG_20150317_094601-MIX

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my little cuties!


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