Happy Friday! Even though this time last week I was bragging about lounging on the beaches of Hawaii, I am happy to be home with my little family and I look forward to sharing my trip with you next week. I hope that you are prepared for a picture overload!

But first, Breadsticks! Who doesn't love them? I can't really imagine that anyone doesn't but I suppose it is possible, right? In our family, we love them.


I didn't actually plan to make them. I got a loaf of Rhodes frozen bread out of the freezer, fully planning on making the Spaghetti braid that our family has come to love so much. But that afternoon, after the loaf had been rising for some time I had this genius idea that I should make breadsticks instead. I wasn't really all the sure how I would do it, or what I'd put on them, but it can't be that hard, right?

So I took my dough and cut it into 8 pieces. I could have easily cut it into more, but I didn't really need to as there were only 6 of us for dinner and we don't really need the extras! Then I rolled each piece out into a breadstick. If you are looking for "pretty" you could make them much nicer, but I wasn't really trying too hard because I wasn't exactly sure how great they were going to taste.


Then I melted a half cup of butter and wiped it onto the bread sticks, then I sprinkled garlic salt and paprika on them. Not a ton, but enough to cover them.

IMG_20150408_180558Then I sprinkled Parmesan cheese on them. Next time I might use the cheese that is grated up into little pieces first, then maybe the shredded over the top because it didn't stay on as good.


But as you can see, they still turned out pretty good. And I had them done in about 15-20 minutes, start to finish. (Not counting the time it took for the dough to thaw.)


  • 1 roll Rhodes bread loaf

  • butter, melted

  • paprika

  • garlic salt

  • parmesan cheese

  1. Thaw bread loaf to package directions. (About 6 hours)

  2. Cut into pieces (8-12) and roll into breadstick shape.

  3. Melt butter and spread over breadsticks

  4. Sprinkle garlic salt, paprika and parmesan cheese

  5. Bake on 350 for about 15 minutes, until they are beautifully brown.

Easy Delicious Breadsticks


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