How to shred Chicken with your Kitchen Aid Mixer

Hello, Hello, my friends.

Remember last year when I shared with you that I gave my Kitchen Aid Mixer a little makeover? Ya, I love that thing. So many years went by without one in my life and while I don't know how that was possible, I'm glad I have one now. But for a long time before I had one I was saving things that I could make with my Kitchen Aid Mixer that I didn't have yet.

One of those things was how to shred chicken using your stand mixer. Whaaat? you say! Yes, how to shred chicken breasts with your Kitchen Aid Mixer.

[video width="640" height="640" mp4=""][/video]

I had to cut down this video to make it under the size limit, but it took about 32 seconds on the lowest speed to completely shred my 4 chicken breasts.

It is soo easy you guys!

  1. Boil your chicken breasts and once they are done cooking toss them into the bowl on your stand mixer.

  2. Put on the lowest level and watch magic happen.

You are looking at shredding chicken in a whole new light now, aren't you? So tell me, What's for dinner?

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