Make your own butter

As I get older I find more and more pride in making things from scratch and being a DIYer.  I love trying to make new things and I won't lie, sometimes it just doesn't work, or taste good and I know I won't ever make it again. But this butter is not like that. It was fun for the kids and it was quick and easy to make.


This is a two ingredient project- Heavy Whipping Cream and a jar that seals tightly.


Fill your jar half full of the heavy whipping cream and put your lid on tight.


Then shake, shake, shake!


And shake some more!


After a couple of minutes of shaking open it up and take a look- You will find Whip cream! Take a little taste and then put your lid back on!


And shake, shake, shake!


And shake some more!


One thing that the kids thought was really funny was that when you first start shaking it, it sloshes around. Then after a few minutes it really thickens up and for a moment you don't hear anything but just keep shaking! But then! You start hearing it sloshing around again because the buttermilk starts to separate from the butter!


Pour the buttermilk into a separate cup- You can use this for another recipe! Then you have to rinse the butter. Yes, I said rinse the butter! It felt weird to take a mound of butter and smoosh it through my fingers as I rinsed it, but that is what I was told to do! And look what we made out of it!


I have to say that I was a little unsure of how it would taste. I guess I was thinking it might taste like I put whip cream on my bread, but it didn't! It tasted like BUTTER! (surprise!)


I will be making this again, that is for sure! We all liked it and I look forward to trying it again!

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