Pesto Chicken Ciabatta

Happy Friday, my friends. Who has big plans for the weekend? We don't have anything crazy going on but we do have stuff going on each day. Today is my Mom's birthday and my dad is coming over for dinner and we'll send some balloons her way. Tomorrow we have yard work on the agenda and it will take up most of our day. It's going to be a beautiful weekend and outside is where I plan to spend it!

So who loves to grill? In the summer we use the BBQ a lot so we are not heating up the house and this Pesto Chicken Ciabatta is a delicious one to try. I made them a few times last Summer and we couldn't get enough- They are awesome!

Pesto Chicken Ciabatta

Super easy and quick to put together- they are absolutely mouthwatering!



  • Ciabatta bread

  • Pesto

  • Sundried tomatoes

  • Mayonnaise

  • Chicken breast, sliced thin and grilled

  • bacon

  • Sliced Provolone cheese

  • tomato

  • Avacado

  1. I first make up the Pesto mayonnaise- Using my chopper I chop several pieces of the sun dried tomatoes then mix in a couple of heaping spoonfuls of pesto and a scoop of mayo. It's really to taste so mix it together and give it a little taste.

  2. Next get your chicken ready. My husband typically does this part, slicing  any thicker pieces in half the long way to make them nice and thin. We also add a chicken grilling seasoning to the chicken- we use "Kickin' Chick'n" from Weber.

  3. While my husband is cooking the chicken, I'm frying up the bacon. Sometimes I just cook it in the microwave.

  4. Broil the buns just until they are toasted then pull them out of the oven and add your pesto mayo.

  5. Add your cheese and broil again for just a quick moment to melt it.

  6. Last you will stack it all together.

  7. Enjoy!



What do you think? This is a staple in the summer time when I don't want to cook.

I hope you have a happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

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