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Some of my favorite kinds of projects are DIY. I am constantly saving graphics and icons that I find because I want to use them for something around my house. So that is one of the reasons I am SO excited to share GraphicStock with you today.

GraphicStock has over 250,000 graphics, icons, vectors, the possibilities for creativity is endless. Creating graphics and pictures for my blog is something that I do every single day. With almost every post I share I am making some sort of picture to use. And they don't have to be fancy to be effective. {Like the one below!}

Designing with graphic stock

Have you ever wanted to make a picture like the one above? Or maybe a birthday invitation? Decorations? Ready for me to show you just how easy it is?

You are going to start with finding the graphics you would like to use. Maybe a background and a couple of graphics?  Right now GraphicStock is giving you a {free} 7 day trial so that you can download images and create some of your own projects. Let's go see what we can find!


I use PicMonkey to do any editing or designing that I need to do. There is a free version that I used for a long time but now I pay for the Royal version because it is soo worth it. And PicMonkey is easy to use!


These are the items I'm working with below, all of which I grabbed from GraphicStock-

Graphic how-to

So start with uploading your background by clicking on edit and select your background image.

star printscrnNext, you are going to click on the little butterfly over on the left, pick geometric and pick the shape you want. I chose the square with the rounded edges. I stretched it to fit my square and then changed it to white then "faded" it until I could see through it enough to fit my liking.

star overlay

Next, while still in the little butterfly section, I go up and select "your own" to upload my little swirly design. Place it where ever you want it.

star overlay graphic

Now it is time to add text. So click on the Tt and pick your font.

background overlay graphic with text

And then look at that... You just made your own picture. Make sure you resize it to fit your needs and then you are all set to share!

Happy 4th of July

You guys, I am really loving GraphicStock and I am super excited that I am able to do a giveaway  to give one of my readers their own 1 year membership!

So who is ready to enter to win their own 1 year membership to GraphicStock (a $588 value!)?

Click HERE

Then come back and comment below, telling my what you will make if you win the year membership. GIVEAWAY ends 7/06/2015

And P.S. ((If you want to sign up for the 7 day trial but don't want to use it after that, make sure you cancel it so you don't have to pay for the membership.))


  1. This blog post is so exciting for me because for so long I have wondered how bloggers created their graphic images. I wondered which stock photo/graphics site they used and I felt lost. I want to include these types of images on my blog and now feel confident that I can after reading your recommendation of joining Graphic Stock. I'm going to sign up for the free trial and give it a whirl. Thank you so much for this VALUABLE information!!! I am so appreciative.

  2. You are welcome Tia! I'm glad it can help someone! If you have any other questions please feel free to ask here or email me at

  3. This is such great info and knowledge! I started blogging in March and have been searching for something like this…for posts, stationary, photos and more. Thank you!

  4. This is really useful information and Graphic Stock looks a great place. I help businesses with their websites and design concepts so this would be a really handy resource to have. I'll try out the 7 day trial. Thanks for all the info!

  5. I would love to make cute pics for every holiday! Great job on the 4th btw -- appreciate the step-by-step!

  6. The possibilities are endless with this. I love how easy you made the graphic.

  7. OH MY GOSH!!! Look like they have tons of cute stuff that I would add to pictures. I always print off pictures for family & it would be fun to beautify them up a little bit!!

  8. Wow, what a great giveaway!!! I would love to stop paying for party invites and make my own!


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