Pennant Banner: How to create one of your own.

Happy Monday! It's the first week of Summer Vacation and I'm ready to enjoy the sun and outdoors with my kiddos! I'm glad that I managed to get a lot of indoor projects done over the winter and spring so that I'm not working on decorating bedrooms while it is so nice outside!

I have spotted some really cute little girl rooms on pinterest and since Summer was born I've been pinning ideas for the day that I redid her bedroom! I started with making her quilt last year, after finding the fabric that I knew would be perfect for her room. I was really wanting purples and greys and I loved it. After I made the quilt I was super sad that I hadn't bought a second bundle of this same fabric for another project and I didn't even have the name of it to look it up. After a couple of months I got lucky and spotted my fabric in a bigger bundle at another fabric store and I snatched it up, not even knowing what I was going to do with it! So it has just been sitting in my draw for the past few months and I finally decided I wanted to make a banner with it.

I'm not going to lie. I thought this banner was going to be a tricky project. I thought it was going to be quite a bit of work, but it was actually super easy and I made it, start to finish in less than two hours!

Pennant Banner



I started with measuring my room and because I knew I was going to have two strands, I doubled it. I planned the tops of my triangle to be 6 inches and the 2 sides to be 9 inches and I started cutting out my triangles. Now, because I am terrible at math I accidently cut twice as many as I needed and I thought for a second about making them double sided but I decided not to, because really, I would just be making more work for myself.

Then I placed them on the floor in the order I wanted them.


Then I took this extra wide double fold bias tape and pinned it onto the tops of my triangles.


I got my sewing machine all threaded and went to town sewing the pieces of my banner together.





And just a short time later I had it pinned up on the wall!


Summer loves it and tells me almost daily how pretty it is. Sweet girl. She is such a girlie girl and I'm glad I can have fun decorating her room all sassy!

What do you think of my super easy banner?

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