How to make your own curtains

I have had so much fun working on Summer's updated bedroom. And I'll admit, I don't really have a designers mind. I'm not good with piecing items together and as you can see by where my curtain rod is hanging that I hung them pre-Pinterest (but I wasn't about to take them down and put another hole in the wall.)

But I make the most with what sense I do have and I feel like Summer's room is really coming together. In fact, it is pretty much done and hopefully I'll be sharing the entire room soon. And lets just pretend that the blinds are clean, okay?


I found this fabric a while back at Joann's and it was majorly on sale and I had a coupon so I bought 3 yards even though I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it. Finally I settled on curtains and I thought they would be super cute in Summer's room.

I started out by measuring my window. I wanted the curtains to touch the ground and I added on a couple of extra inches for the top to be folded over where the rod would go through and have a little extra to make a ruffle on top.

Next I cut two pieces to the correct length. I left them at the width they already were when I bought them and just sewed up each side to give it a finished look.


Then I sewed up the bottom to give it a finished look as well.


Then I started pinning the top in two spots. One for the very top that will make the ruffle (about 1/4" down) and the second one (about another 2" down) making sure that there was enough space for the rod to slide through.





Then I double sewed up the bottom to give it a finished look as well.


Summer's room is hard to take pictures of because the light just isn't good. But you get the idea, right?



One more step done to take this little room from a nursery to a girlie girl room. What do you think?

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