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No Foodie Friday today folks. Life has taken over and  just didn't get it done, so today we are talking about something a little different: Mom life.

I won't lie- Talking about Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) is a bit embarrassing. But it happens, right? So instead of shaming others and making them feel bad, why not stick together and help a sista out!


After becoming a mom, there were plenty of things that I worried about. Peeing my pants when I sneezed was NOT one of them.

But did you know that 1 out of 3 women have LBL?

I was naïve- I thought because I had a C-section I was exempt from issues like this. I mean, I didn't push out a baby so why would I have bladder leakage issues? I didn't realize that pregnancy by itself can do it to ya! And I definitely didn't realize that it could be caused just by a bladder infection.

Luckily Poise thin-shape pads are great for LBL. They are thin, comfortable and they do their job. And you don't have to worry every time you laugh or sneeze! Plus, they are not bulky and you can move about care-free!


So now that you are not using your bulky pads for LBL, what will you do with all of them? I have one solution! Use them to clean!

They are perfect to stick right to the bottom of your swifter and clean the floor of daily dirt or the biggest messes. I even had a cute little helper to clean the floors. Hopefully one day when he is older he isn't too embarrassed by the things his mom put him through! #recycleyourperiodpad


Right now you can even get your own sample to try out Poise for yourself to see what you think. 

Your sample will come right to your door and it can be your little secret!


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