Stars and Stripes Blocks - DIY

Summer is quickly approaching and if you are like me, decorating for the 4th of July is something you plan to do but never actually get done. Finishing up school, days at the lake, playing in the back yard, etc. all trump sitting inside and making decorations to put on the front door, or wall, or mantel. So this year I got a little bit of a head start and made this wreath that I shared last week, and now these super cute Red, White and Blue blocks.

Stars and Stripes blocks

A couple of years ago when my father in law was over and helping my husband with some projects around the house I snatched up as many of these 2x4 pieces that I could just so I could make some fun projects. Remember when I made these LOVE blocks?


Anyway, I grabbed a few blocks from the garage and a piece of sand paper and sanded down the blocks just enough so there weren't any rough edges. I didn't go crazy, and still had a few rough spots, so they are not perfect!


Then I painted the area of each block where the letters were going to go. You'll want to paint the color that you want your letters to be.


Next, using my Cricut I cut out my letters. I used the Alphalicious cartridge for this project!


Then peel your vinyl letter off and place it on your block. You could totally use transfer paper if that makes it easier for you, but with pieces this size they are pretty easy to handle. Plus I was okay with them being a little crooked!


Once you have all of your letters on you will start painting your blocks the "outside" color. I just use the little foam brushes that you get super cheap at a craft store to paint all of my projects!


I ended up doing about 3 coats, letting the paint dry in between, which doesn't take long.

Then you can peel your vinyl letters off! You might have to touch up your letters depending if the paint got under the vinyl, but hopefully it there isn't too much!


And there you have it! Super cute Stars and Stripes blocks to put on a shelf or on your mantel!




  1. What the perfect decor for the 4th of July! I love decorating with my red, white and blue, and these block letters are sooo cute! I hope you’ll link up this project over at Motivational Monday this week.

  2. Thanks Melanie! I just linked up!

  3. I'm dropping by from the Motivational Monday link party. These are super cute! And look so easy to make. I'm putting these on my to-make list. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Nina! They are super easy to make! Make sure to sty by and share yours after you make them!


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