DIY Toothbrush Holder

It's Tuesday and I feel like I am still in a sugar detox from the Easter weekend. Today I need to get my eating back on track so I can start feeling better and not feel drug down. I hate that feeling where I don't want to even get off the couch because I just feel blah. And when I am exercising regularly and eating healthy I just feel so much better about myself and my journey.

But now, let's talk about some household projects.

You guys, I don't do fancy stuff. I have 3 kids.... and "practical" is my friend. And after we were sick so much last year I decided to make something to put the kids tooth brushes a bit further apart than they were in a regular toothbrush holder.

Tooth brush holder

Of course Pinterest is the bearer of all the fun ideas and I saw something similar to this, and it was mounted on the wall, but it just wasn't as practical with little kids. I decided just to add each of their names to a jar that can house their tooth brush and floss.


I busted out my Cricut and I used some white decal vinyl, cut out each of the kids names and slapped them on to the jars.




Cute, right? Easy Peasy and now the bathroom counter has some cute little toothbrush holders for the kids to keep their brushes in and away from each other. Hopefully this will keep us from spreading so many germs too!


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