Apple Twix Salad

BBQ season is in full affect! We have had a couple at our house already this year with friends and family and are heading to a friends house to BBQ this coming weekend. Whenever I am headed to a BBQ I typically head to Pinterest because I am always saving recipes that I want to try, and there is no better way to give a new one a try, then when joining together with your friends!

I love a good, fun salad to take to BBQ's. And this Apple Twix Salad is definitely a delicious one! I actually made this one about a year ago and just have never gotten around to sharing it! Darn it because it really is a good one!

If you love the snickers salad then this is right up your alley! It is sweet and cold, sour and creamy. It is amazing.

apple twix salad

This was a super easy and quick recipe to throw together. And I am all about recipes that are easy to make and still taste delicious!

I started with dicing up the apples and tossing them into a bowl.

apple twix salad

Then mix the pudding and milk together.

apple twix salad

And fold in the whip cream

apple twix salad

apple twix salad

Chop up your Twix bites

apple twix salad

Then mix everything together. Chill and your salad is set and ready for enjoyment!

apple twix salad

  • 3.4 oz package of instant Vanilla pudding

  • 1/4 C. Milk

  • 1 container of whip cream

  • 1 pkg of TWIX Bites

  • 3 green apples

  • caramel sauce

  1. Prepare the vanilla pudding using only 1/4 c milk.

  2. Add in whip cream

  3. Cut the TWIX Bites in half

  4. Dice the green apples

  5. Mix all the ingredients together

  6. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes

  7. Drizzle with caramel before serving it.

apple twix salad

Mix it all together and you have a fun Apple Twix Salad to take to a BBQ or just have for your own house!

What is your favorite side to take to a BBQ?

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