DIY Toilet Paper Storage

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I never had thought about a storage container for my toilet paper until my dog started eating toilet paper.

We had to take it off of the roll holder because if the bathroom door was left open she would eat it straight off the roll. Don't worry, we've talked to our vet to make sure the dog is okay, but we definitely needed a different solution to hold our toilet paper.

I scoured pinterest for toilet paper storage that would work for us and I found a ton of different storage made from oatmeal containers! I should have thought of that myself since I did make a headband holder for Summer's bedroom out of one a long time ago!

Toilet Paper Storage

I ran to Walmart to grab our favorite Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® with Cleanstretch (9 Mega Rolls). It was easy to find and I was in and out in a jiff!

The Quilted Northern® Ultra Soft & Strong® with Cleanstretch mega pack offers the opportunity to keep your home fully stocked and organized at all times so that you’re always ready for sudden guests or last minute get-togethers.

Because who wants to run out of toilet paper? Not me!

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When I came home I grabbed out a few supplies. Luckily, I already had most everything. An empty oatmeal container, hot glue gun/glue sticks and some twine. You could definitely use other kinds of twine. I just used this kind because I have used it to make other things in my house and that way they all go together.  Also, I used scrapbook paper to make flowers.



I started by placing a dot of hot glue onto the oatmeal container and placing the twine end piece onto that hot glue dot. Then I just start wrapping around. I don't glue every time because it is unnecessary. I probably do a glue dot about every 10-15 times that I wrap it around.

Just keep your twine pulled tight so that you don't end up with gaps.


When you get down to the very end I DO recommend putting a glue strip all the way around. However, you don't want to do too much at a time because it will dry before you can get your twine on. Just do an inch or so, place the twine and then do another inch, etc.


Next I made some paper flowers using scrapbook paper. I just cut out a square and then cut the swirl until I got to the middle.


Start twisting, occasionally putting dots of the hot glue to keep the flower rolled up.


And there you go! Looks at that fun flower! And just think of all the fun flowers you really could make.


Then I cut out a couple of "leaves" to add to it.


Then I used the hot glue one more time to put them onto the outside of the toilet paper storage container!


And that is all. I made this in about 20 minutes!


So now I have this awesome, yet discreet, toilet paper storage. And with the Mega roll being a 4X bigger roll (*than the regular rolls) I'm not worried about refilling the roll! Win, Win!


Now I have it setting on my bathroom counter within reach for us, but not for the dog!


The best bathroom experiences are the ones you don't remember. Quilted Northern® is designed so you can forget your bathroom experience.

Do you use the roll or do you have your own toilet paper storage?


  1. This is all very informational. Now, how do I get the family to take the empty roll off and put a new roll on? It never fails. I go to the bathroom and there is an empty roll. Oh well, life does not revolve around empty toilet paper rolls. ha, ha

  2. Looks as good as the shaving cream next to it. How about instructions for that clever display case above that features every thing that belongs in a medicine cabinet.

  3. Girl....that is adorable and very thoughtful as well as pretty! I have football players (twins) I just keep the surplus in the back pantry!!!!

  4. Like my Mother used to say....(she's with Jesus now) "Always check your paperwork, before you sign the contract." I swear that statement applies to so many different things in life! God rest her soul!!!


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