Watershed 2016

Last weekend I experienced something for the very first time. It is called Watershed. Have you ever heard of it?

I know, Probably not. Unless you are right up in my corner of the upper left. That is Washington State for those of you that still don't get it. (Pic from The Gorge Amphitheatre)


We got inside and were feeling ready to check everything out!


It was one of the most interesting slash fun slash entertaining weekends I have had in a long time.

Watershed is a HUGE Country Musical Festival.

Not only does Watershed bring HUGE names to the stage, but small names too. People who are trying to get their names out there to the public, trying to be heard. They have the big "Main stage" and up further on the grass they have the "Next From Nashville" stage where they have music playing almost all day.


So let me go back a little....  Months ago tickets went on sale and they sold out in a matter of minutes, which is crazy because the Gorge Amphitheatre can house about 25,000 people. For the first year they decided to add a second weekend! All of the headliners were able to come back for the second weekend and only a few adjustments were made to the show, so it was going to be another record weekend!

As fun as the show sounded, tickets are expensive and leaving town for 3 days when you have kids just isn't always feasible. But then my friend gave me tickets. (Yes, I know she is a good friend!) So I was determined to make it work!

I asked a lot of people, but no one could really make it work for all 3 days, my husband wasn't really into going for all 3 days, so I asked Zachary if he wanted to go. He wasn't super into it, he is 14 after all, but told me he would go. I was looking forward to spending 3 days of quality time with Zach because we don't really get much one on one time and it was much needed.

And because I can't go somewhere without making something to take/wear, I made these:


So on Friday afternoon we headed out of town. It is only about 130 miles away and we made it there just about a half hour before Travis Tritt took the stage.


He made me hashtag this pic on Instagram #zoolander

I have been a picture taker my entire life and when Zach was younger he let me take pictures of him, but these days they are few and far between. However, I told him going into this weekend that I was going to be taking lots of pictures and selfies and he was just going to have to deal with it. (He didn't give me too much grief about it)

Zachary always makes fun of Travis and I for listening to the 90's Country Radio on Pandora and now he was living it! haha! He didn't know a single Travis Tritt song and it made me feel a little like I have failed him in the music department.  (Pic taken from Watershed fb page)


But afterward was Jason Aldean and he was the one I was most excited to see!

(You can see some of the videos I took from the concert here on YouTube)


Jason Aldean definitely didn't disappoint! He totally rocked it and he sang the song I most wanted to hear, which was "Take a little ride".  (Pic from Watershed fb page)


After the concert we headed to my friends house. She not only gave me the tickets but let us stay with her family. She doesn't live too far from the venue and camping looked like this:


And that was just one camping area!! Crazy, right??? (pic from Watershed fb page)

The next day we relaxed in the morning, had breakfast with my friend and her sweet girls then headed back to the Gorge.

The line up for the afternoon was Realynn (from The Voice), Aaron Tippin, Ben and Noel Haggard (originally was supposed to be Merle Haggard), Kacey Musgraves and Eric Church. Yes people, Eric Church. I was soo excited. But before we could watch any of them we had rides to ride, booths to check out and food to eat! It was like a carnival!


We rode the swing several times! It was so fun and there was an amazing view!


We also rode the ferris wheel. Which if you know my personally, you might know that I don't do ferris wheels. But this was the kind that was more of a box, not just the little cart. But I was still freaked out and told Zach I'd never do it again! (But look at that view behind him!)

They had a tent that was full of foam that you could play in. And they had a HUGE blow up water slide, and of course, countless places for photo ops!


After a day of fun, and watching the Next from Nashville stage (Bailey Bryan is pretty amazing!) we headed back to our blanket and waited for the evening line up to start! It was great because we had lots of snacks, water and a blanket to lay on and we just had a chill evening listening to music.


Eric Church was amazing. I won't lie, when we went he was the headliner I was looking forward to the least because I didn't think I knew very many of his songs but as he sang song after song that I knew I realized I basically love Eric Church. <3 (pic from IG profile chad071121)


Then we headed back home to my friends house. The next morning we were able to chill out and take it slow. We decided to go a hour or so later than the day before.

So we headed back to the Gorge for our 3rd and final day. Today was going to be a great day because we were seeing Keith Urban, Brett Eldredge, Chris Janson, David Nail. I wasn't sure who Chris Janson or David Nail were at first, but once they started singing I knew their songs and I was excited. And even more excited once I realized that Chris Janson sings one of our favorite songs, "Buy me a boat". Tyler loves that song and we are always singing it around the house so I recorded it for him to hear! (And he was soo excited!!)

Keith Urban wrapped up an amazing weekend. (pic from watershed fb page)


He played so many of his hits, jammed out on his guitar and was chatty like I expected. He put on an awesome show and I am so glad I got to see him live!!

Zachary said he had more fun than he thought he would and he even liked some of the music. We went and bought all of Eric Church's cds too! It was definitely a weekend I won't forget, and after the girls were flashing their boobies at the screen I am sure it is one Zachary won't forget either! haha!

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