Fun Fall Activities with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish

It is no secret that we are Goldfish cracker eaters in this house. So when I have a chance to combine them with Fun Fall Activities for the kids it makes for a happy family.


Because of the time of the year it felt obvious that we should make something geared toward Halloween. There are so many Fun Fall Activities that we could have made. I thought about making many different crafts. Maybe a spider out of an egg carton and pipe cleaners, or handprint Frankensteins, Tin can ghosts, but we decided on these fun popsicle stick spider webs.

I ran to the store and grabbed our favorite snacks! Who doesn't love Pepperidge Farm Goldfish? I actually don't know anyone who doesn't love them! And my kids will pick Goldfish crackers over just about any other option! And I love the new Goldfish Baked with Whole Grain.

A few things I love about Goldfish crackers:

  1. Always Baked with Real Cheese

  2. No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives

  3. Colors Sourced from Plants, such annatto extracted from the reddish seeds of the Achiote Tree

  4. Baked with Whole Grain Cheddar has 12 g of WG per serving

  5. And ultimately, it is a snack I feel comfortable giving to my kids


Then we got to work on our fun fall activities, which was making a popsicle spider web.

Of course, before hand I used my hot glue gun and put together the popsicle sticks because I didn't want little hands touching the hot glue! But then it was all up to them. I made one and showed them how I was doing it then it was up to them how they wanted to make a spider web!

All I used was some yarn, popsicle sticks and hot glue (not shown). Then if you want to add a spider to make it a little more fun, you'll need one of those too!


Check out Tyler making his awesome spider web!

We had a fun time full of smiles making our fun fall crafts and snacking on Goldfish Colors while we were at it!

Fun Fall Activities

I went and dug into our Halloween decorations and found these plastic spiders that were the perfect touch for our new creative spider webs!

Fun Fall Activities

What do you think? Is this a craft your kids would love?

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