Party Decorations {Summer's Tea}

Last week I shared with you Summer's Tea Party that we had for her 4th birthday.

Today I just wanted to share a couple of the party decorations that I made for the party!


I got this banner from Hobby Lobby about a year ago. They were on sale so they were only a couple of dollars. Then I grabbed some lace ribbon from the floral area at Walmart. I cut pieces to fit perfectly over the top of the banner and then used hot glue in a couple of places just to keep it on. It worked perfectly!


Then I cut out letters and used the remaining piece of paper as my stencil then I painted it with my pink acrylic paint I got thanks to @decoart.

Next, we made Sand Art. Last week I shared how I made the Home made Sand, and this is what we did with the sand. First, I had been saving glass bottles from a coffee drink that we buy. I peeled all the labels off of them and removed the goo residue, then I laid the caps out on an old rag then spray painted then with the perfect girlie pink color.


Ballet Slipper pink- Doesn't get much more girlie than that!


I sprayed them from one angle and let them dry. Then I sprayed them from the other side to make sure I didn't miss any spots without actually picking them up and getting paint on my hand!


Next, I grabbed a handful of bottles. I borrowed six from my bestie who did this same project at her daughter's birthday over the summer time, and I bought six more. I got them from "Cash & Carry" which is a restaurant supply house.


These are Tyler and Summer's final product. Turned out pretty cute!


Also, I needed to make a platter of some sort to hold food so I ran to the dollar store looking for platters. I also grabbed some candle sticks and I used the hot glue on the edge of the bottom side of the candle stick then immediately placed the platter onto the hot glue. Then I took them outside and set them onto my rag and spray painted them with my same pink spray paint.





I used my Cricut for several of my projects. If you don't have one then find a friend that does because you can get a lot done with those things!

I made these awesome doilies and I was super happy with how they turned out!


I cut out this tea pot and taped it to a wall in our living room. Then I put tape on the back of each of the cups and we played "Pin the cup on the teapot". The kids loved it!

Also I made and cut out some super cute Tea Party photo booth props! Hot glued them to a stick and then we were ready! I had an awesome metal chair that my friend Chasing Zoie lent me for the photo booth and I bought a piece of fabric to hang up behind it, but come party day it was pouring rain outside and I had to bring my photo booth indoors. It made for a little darker setting than I was hoping for, but it still worked out pretty good!



I also used my Cricut to cut out circles just a little bit bigger than the opening of the cup. Then I put hot glue around the opening and then placed it over the circle. I used some scrapbooking paper flowers and a brad to hold them together then put a dot of hot glue on the back and then stuck it onto the paper cup.

Then I used a ribbon and hot glued it to the cup. I used the ribbon to tie onto the kids to keep it on their heads. But I'll be honest, a plastic headband would have worked SO much better! Some of the kids had trouble keeping their hat on with the ribbon.


Of Course, Party Decorations aside, Summer had a wonderful 4th birthday, and I am so thankful to our friends for making it a special day for her!

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