Home made No Sew {Superhero} Capes

When Tyler said that he wanted to have a Batman Party I knew there had to be masks and Superhero capes but I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to go about it.

I got started on his party kind of late and I didn't want to spend all day sewing capes. I googled "no fray fabric" and found that fleece didn't fray! Who knew?


I looked online to check prices and it looked like Joann's was the place to go as their fleece was 50% off. I wasn't sure how much to get and no matter how much math I did I still wasn't quite sure. Because let's be real: I am THAT terrible at math! I bought 7 yards. (which by the way was insanely too much fabric!)


Next I needed to make a template for the part that would wrap around the kids necks. After drawing several terrible pictures with shaky lines I finally got one that looked okay enough to cut out. This one isn't perfect, but it does the trick! Click the picture for the printable version of this cape template. 

Cape template

Next I cut out my pieces. I cut them in 20x30 sections. So they were 20 wide and 30 long and that worked perfect for me to get 3 capes wide!


Next I folded my cape and half and cut out my template and laid it down on my fabric. This is important: You want to make sure that your fold is on the same side as the "center" of your template. Otherwise when you cut you will have 2 pieces! And you don't want that!


Then cut it out!


When you open it up it should look like this!


Then I used this Iron On Velcro on the end pieces to keep it together!



So here is how it looks front and back!


They were perfect. The kids don't need anything fancy and loved these capes and the masks that went with them!

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