Game Day with Old El Paso

Come Sunday, it is game time in my house. I don't plan my life around football, but I do my best to watch my team. And I love having snacks cooking and ready to go no matter what time the game starts.

For me, something that never gets old is Tacos. Everyone in my house likes something a little different. So that is why I depend on Old El Paso to get us what we need.



I headed to Walmart to grab the necessities. Hard shell, boats, refried beans, we get it all! One thing I spotted this time that I hadn't noticed before was whole wheat shells! I am definitely going to grab those next time!

There are so many different ingredients that you just can't go wrong! I love the wider shells too because the guys can fit more into their tacos!


You should also check out Old El Paso's website because they have tons of amazing and delicious recipes!   Basically I want to eat everything I see on there!


While I Love these mini boats, my favorite is just a corn tortilla that I heat up a little. But these mini boats are perfect for the kids and they love them!

I make sure to spread refried beans across the bottom of the shell. Then I add my taco seasoned meat. queso, shredded cheese, tomato and I added some salsa after I took the picture. I always put lettuce on my tacos but what do you know, I forgot lettuce at the store so we had lettuce-less tacos.... It's a shame, I know!


So come game time we will be sitting down watching our Washington State boys kick butt and enjoying our Old El Paso Tacos! How do you like to snack on your Old El Paso Game Day?

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