Summer's 6th Birthday

6 years ago I had this sweet little girl. The moment I looked at her I saw myself and I knew my entire life was going to change.  I knew we would have good times, and bad. Fun times, and not so fun times. I knew it would be a journey and I didn't want to waste a single moment of it. 

That is part of the reason that I love doing all the girlie stuff.  I am not overly girlie, but Summer loves getting her hair brushed and wearing hair clips, having her nails painted, wearing cute shoes.  But she also loves playing in the dirt, getting her hands dirty, and going fishing. 

This rainbow cake was so fun and pretty.  Maybe a bit heavy on the frosting, but the kids powered through it!

We had fun snacks like unicorn and star cookies and Lucky Charm munch

The kids spent a ton of time running around outside and jumping on the trampoline. They also played "Pin the horn on the unicorn" and coloring unicorn coloring sheets. 

And I made a fun unicorn backdrop for the wall. 

And Summer can't let a moment go by without getting to hold sweet baby Norah. 

She had such a great day and I am so thankful for her friends and mine for making it a special day for her. 

She woke up the next morning, on her actual birthday sniffling and by the time she got home from school she had a full on head cold. My poor girl had such a red nose from blowing it all day and she was so tired but she pushed through for dinner with Papa, along with more presents and cake! 

Happy 6th Birthday my sweet Summer. 

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