Summer swallowed a Quarter

If you follow along on social media, you've probably already seen what happened last weekend. 

Literally, one of the scariest moments of my life. 

Of course it didn't start out that way. We had a great afternoon at a birthday party for a good friend at the pumpkin patch. At one point Summer ran up to me and showed me that she found a quarter in the bounce house, so exciting when you're 6! 

I never really thought another second about that quarter. My kids have been told not to put things in their mouth, they know not to ever put money in their mouth, nothing to be concerned about, right? 

That night I got Summer tucked into bed, we read a story like we do each night. I turned on her Stars, sound effects like every night before. And also like most nights she comes out to tell me something she forgot to earlier in the day. And she comes back to tell Zach or dad something, or she needs to go to the bathroom again.

Then after her remembering something she needed to tell me for the 3rd or 4th time I finally said, "Summer, it is bedtime. You need to stop talking and please go to sleep." Then that was when I heard her say the scariest words I've ever heard, "I accidentally swallowed a quarter."

I ran for her bedroom and could immediately tell she was struggling. She was breathing, her color was okay, but I could tell that it hurt. I yelled for Travis to call 911. As Travis was on the phone and they were explaining not to attempt getting it out, no patting her back, no food or drink. She was gagging and trying to throw up, but nothing was really happening.

Thankfully they were so fast. the firemen got to our house and after checking her over felt would could taker her ourselves to the hospital, but said they felt we should get it checked out to make sure it passed all the way through. 

We immediately left our house and headed for the ER. 

They wasted no time at all. We barely got checked in and they were taking her back for an xray to find out where that quarter was. Then we got back out to our seats and Travis says, "I heard them say 'it's in the esophagus'". Almost immediately they took us back to a room for a Dr to check her out and talk to us. 

While we were waiting she started getting sick. Unfortunately she threw up all down her pj bottoms into her slippers but the quarter stayed put. The Dr. came in and confirmed that the quarter was in fact in her esophagus and that they needed her to be taken to the children's hospital for it to be removed. 

We left within minutes and headed for Sacred Heart Children's Hospital. Again, everything moved fairly quick. They got us in a room within moments and explained what the process would be. 

The nurse came in to put an IV in Summer and that was interesting. They really made it a great experience for Summer (as great as it can be). And they explained what they would be doing to her, but then they had a tablet for her to play a game on while they put in the IV.  Then they had an issue finding her vein and had to switch arms but then they got it. 

She certainly doesn't look it, but she was really impressed that her thumb was glowing a bright red. 

Immediately after getting her IV in they wheeled her back where we talked with the Dr who was doing the procedure. The explained that they would use anesthesia for her to go to sleep. They would retract the quarter and once she was awake and stable we would be able to go home. The Dr. asked if we had any questions, and Summer speaks up to say, "Can I have my quarter please." 

They then took Travis and I to a room as they wheeled Summer off. It was just after midnight. We were exhausted, we were nervous. I felt so sick to my stomach and I couldn't wait for it to be over. Thankfully, within about 45 minutes the Dr. found us and took us to our sleepy girl. Within a few minutes, she was waking up, enjoying a popsicle and not long later she was ready to head home. 

This girl gave us quite the scare. Thankfully, everything went smooth. There was no damage to her throat and after a couple days with a sore throat this girl was back to good. 

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