Ranch Chicken Sandwich

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Happy Day, Friends!

I am so excited to share a super fast and delicious Ranch Chicken Sandwich recipe with you today!

Ever since Christmas when I got my instant pot I have been trying so many different recipes and anytime I can make a favorite a bit faster is a total win in my book.

How many times do you get to 4 pm and realize you have no clue what you are going to make for dinner? I will admit that it happens to me more often than it should! So I want to share this super delicious recipe that you can make from start to finish in 15 minutes!

Ranch Chicken Sandwich

One of my favorite parts about this is that there is minimal prep work, minimal ingredients and minimal cook time! And there isn’t much clean up because you’ve only used one pot.

Ranch Chicken Sandwich ingredients

We buy a lot of chicken in bulk when it goes on sale and we typically cut it into thinner strips or into fillets because they are the perfect sizes for our family and the typical recipes that we cook. After we cut them to our desired size we freeze them and it just makes it easier when it comes to cooking time. It saves prep time because they are already in smaller pieces and I can grab a bag or two out of the freezer and they thaw quickly as well.

I grabbed out some thawed chicken strips that I had in the fridge, just because they cook quicker and place them into the pot, adding in the chicken broth.

Chicken in Chicken broth

I know for some people the pressure cooker is a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be! Just set on high for 10 minutes! Yes, 10 minutes is all! And make sure the vent is set to sealing.

Instant Pot Chicken

While the chicken is cooking I cooked up some bacon. Of course, the bacon isn’t necessary, but bacon makes everything better according to my family!

Once the timer goes off, do the quick release of pressure. Move the chicken to a plate and shred it.

Shredded Chicken

Drain most of the chicken broth, keeping around ¼ cup in the pot. Then add the chicken back into the broth.

Next, add in the cream cheese, shredded cheese (I used pepper jack this time, just for a little heat!) and the ranch seasoning from the Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker.

Hidden Valley Ranch Shaker

Have you tried this Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker yet? I love it because it is perfect for adding flavor to so many meals and snacks!  Mixing it into this chicken mixture gives it the perfect amount of flavor and is a great way to spice up any meal! I also love to add it to popcorn!

Ranch Chicken sandwich

Ingredients for a Ranch Chicken Sandwich:

  • chicken breasts boneless skinless

  • 8 oz cream cheese

  • 2 tsp Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker

  • 1/2 cup pepper jack shredded cheese (any flavor cheese would really work!)

  • Chicken broth (just enough to cover the chicken, or you could use water as well)

  • hoagie rolls

  • Bacon, optional topping

  1. Cook Chicken in Instant Pot covered with chicken broth on high pressure (valve turned to sealing) and the timer set to 10 minutes.

  2. Cook bacon to your liking

  3. When chicken is done, do a quick release and remove chicken from pot and shred.

  4. Discard all but 1/4 c. the chicken broth then add the chicken back to the instant pot

  5. Add the cream cheese, ranch, shredded cheese, to the pot with the chicken and stir.

  6. Let stand for a few minutes

  7. Add mixture to a hoagie, topped with crumbled bacon


INstant pot ranch chicken sandwich

What would you add the Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning Shaker to?  I’m thinking I need to try it on french fries next!

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