How to freeze Zucchini

Lately, I have come into an abundance of Zucchini, and I am not complaining. My family eats a lot of zucchini and this year we haven't gotten much from our plant. Luckily, Summer's Girl Scout troop had a garden and it has had an amazing zucchini turn out! But now I am over here working on how to freeze zucchini so that none of it goes to waste!


Look at those huge plants! I have never seen a garden quite like this come from 6 little girls! The tomatoes and Zucchini have literally taken over, but we are gobbling it up as fast as we can!

I love being able to pull out a bag of zucchini in the middle of winter and make zucchini bread, or cookies. And I dice up a lot of it to put into my spaghetti sauces and even the kids gobble it up. I mean, what kids don't love zucchini cookies when they also have chocolate chips in them?

It seems to work best to freeze your grated zucchini in 2 c increments as most recipes seem to call for that. And frozen zucchini doesn't break apart easily.  You could also slice it and freeze it. I would lay it out on a cookie sheet and do a quick freeze before putting the slices into a freezer bag. Then it will be a little easier to take apart when you are ready to use them. (Just be prepared for the extra water they carry once you do unfreeze them!)

Another great way to freeze it is after you cook it in something! I tend to make large batches of spaghetti sauce and add in zucchini. Or zucchini cookies, Zucchini Lasagna, zucchini bread, zucchini cake, zucchini tots- So many things you could make and freeze for later! What are your favorite ways to eat zucchini?

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