3rd Grade Art Projects

At the beginning of the school year, Tyler's teacher asked parents during open house if anyone wanted to help him with doing 3rd-grade art projects for the class.  I asked Tyler what he thought of me being in his class even more often and he just shrugged. I took that as if he were okay with it since he didn't say no. And for a split second, I thought about if I really needed to take on another project but I always love getting to be in the kid's classrooms. After all, that is one of the reasons I have continued to not work, so I can help in their classes as often as the teachers would let me.

I decided to mention to the teacher that I'd be interested, asking what all was involved. He explained what he was looking for and to let me know. So the next day I decided to take it on. Pinterest makes kids art projects pretty easy to break down and teach, thankfully! And a huge Thanks to DecoArt for providing all the paint I am using for the projects throughout this school year.

For our first project, I wanted to do something without paint. Mainly to get a feel as to how the kids work, how fast they work, etc. Obviously, I know how my own son works, but since each kiddo is different I didn't want to assume anything. I chose "name art".

I made mine ahead of time so the kids had an example. One thing I didn't consider was that I have a short name and some of these kids don't! Also, I have easy letters to "block" and easily touch the edges, where some letters aren't as easy! And one thing I wish I had done differently is to have a couple of examples at different stages so they could see it a little more "step-by-step". Kids at this age love to bubble letter everything and that made things tricky too. Even though I said a couple of times that we don't want to do bubble letters, some just gravitate to that because it's what seemed to work for them.

So going into a Halloween projects I made sure to break it down a bit more. I took a completed project, a penciled in version with me. Then used a blank sheet to draw it out, having them repeat me line for line until completed.

Breaking it down definitely helped the kids and they did a great job!

3rd graders are pretty great artists! This project seemed to fun for the kids and I felt like it went smooth!

I have many more fun projects lined up to share this year. Do you have any fun suggestions for me or others ideas that would be good for 3rd grade art projects?

Don't forget to check out my Pinterest boards for some more of the ideas I've found! Or HERE for other DecoArt projects!

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