Fall Leaves - 3rd Grade Art

I loved getting to do this Fall Leaves - 3rd Grade Art project with my son's class. And now that I already had two class projects under my belt I felt like this one would go pretty quick. So last week I packed up my materials, my Fall Leaves example (after finding it on Pinterest!) and headed to Tyler's class to teach the kids what we were making.

Like the previous months, Witches Feet, I took my completed painting, a paper with just the lines drawn out and a blank paper to draw it step by step with the kids. This really seems to be what works for us!

Thanks to DecoArt for supplying this paint at the beginning of the school year so I had everything I needed for them to make this fun picture. We used a white sheet of art paper and the paint from the picture below. I used a couple of different browns since no tree is just one color. I love the dimension it can give.

For the leaves, we used toilet paper rolls that I cut into threes. Each kid had two pieces, one for yellow and one for orange.

We started with drawing the tree with a pencil. After they were done drawing they used paint brushes to fill in the tree trunk and branches. And once they were done with the brown we used the toilet paper rolls to "stamp" on the leaves. Some of the kids loved that if they did it just right their toilet paper roll bubbled and filled in the leaves with paint.

I love that every one of these paintings are different, because no two trees, or people are exactly the same. It is easy for some of them to do their own work but sometimes kids want to make it look exactly like mine.  I try to remind them it is okay for theirs to be different. Last, we used our paintbrushes to just add a few small green leaves onto the tree.

Where we live, right now trees are at all stages. Some still have lots of leaves, some have none. And you'll see all sorts of colors on the tree or the ground below.

I am super proud of the kids and I think they did a great job!

In December we have a short month due to Christmas!  I am still helping and looking forward to a fun themed project coming up soon!

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