Essential Oil Healing Salve

Essential Oils aren't new to me, but if you follow along with my social media then you have probably started to see me sharing them more and more. And really, that is because I finally am feeling more confident in sharing and feeling like I might know enough to help others.  And that is why I wanted to share this Essential Oil Healing Salve.

The first time I tried essential oils was clear back in 2016- so yeah, in comparison to how long they've been around, I'm still a newbie. Summer was having a playdate with a preschool friend and her mom and I were talking about digestion, a total mom conversation, right? She made me a roller bottle with DigestZen and told me to roll it on my belly. I did and it worked basically immediately.....

But then I forgot about it for the next 6 month or so. Obviously, I wasn't committed. :) Over the next couple of years, I used my DigestZen roller when I remembered, along with the On Guard I acquired from another friend and finally decided to just dive it. Really, I am so thankful that I did. The times I used my oils were helpful enough to keep my coming back and wanting to learn more.

This essential oil healing salve is pretty new to me but I noticed a difference on my dry hands and feet so quick after I started to use it that I decided I needed to make my own so that I never ran out! And thankfully it was easy to make!

Adding all ingredients except your essential oils, heat until they are melted and then set aside to cool for a few before adding your essential oils so that you don't scorch them. You also don't want to let your mixture come to a boil.

Once I had the mixture melted, I set it aside to cool for a couple of minutes. Meanwhile, I set out my containers.

I actually waited a tiny bit too long to pour mine into the containers and when I scraped the side of the bowl it left it a little bumpy and not as pretty. But that is okay.

  • 1/2 cup Coconut Oil

  • 1/2cup +2tbls Raw Organic Shea Butter

  • 4 tbsp beeswax

  • 1 tbsp Vitamin E oil

  • 20 drops Frankincense

  • 20 drops Lavender

  • 20 drops Copaiba
  1. Using a double boiler heat coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and vitamin e oil over medium heat.

  2. Stirring occasionally, heat until everything is melted

  3. Remove from heat and let sit for about 5 minutes

  4. Add your essential oils and mix well

  5. Add mixture to your 2 oz tins and let harden for a couple of hours before using.

If you don't have a double boiler you can do like I did in the pictures. I used a saucepan with just an inch or so of water and then put a glass dish over it that fit without falling or touching the water.

Also, you could use this base to make so many different salves based on what you are needing it for! So change up the oils you add to work for you!

This Essential Oil Healing Salve is so awesome and it filled 6 tins! Eczema? Diaper Rash? Dry or chapped skin? This is for you!

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