Winter's Night - 3rd Grade Art Project

This past Friday I spent a couple of hours in Tyler's class helping with another art project. I have really enjoyed helping each month and this month, with all of the snow we have gotten I felt that this Winter's Night - 3rd Grade Art project was perfect.

When I first found my inspiration on Pinterest I showed Tyler and asked if he thought it would be a good one. He said it looked hard, but I really have confidence in these kids and felt like they could do it!

I turned to my trusty DecoArt paint for the win! They were so amazing and provided me with all the paint I needed to do monthly paintings in Tyler's class this year, which was awesome!!

I also got a super cool product because I knew I wanted to do some sort of "snow" project over the winter, and this SNO-TEX was so fun!

We started with making a curved line across the bottom area that would end up being our snowy hills, and a circle in the middle that would be the moon. I then used the blue to paint the rest of the background. And next, I added a very thin layer of the sno-tex using a popsicle stick.

One tip I would have for the sno-tex is to drop a pile of it onto your project and spread it around a bit thick, but then use the edge of your popsicle stick to scrape off the excess until just a thin layer is left.

I used mainly white for the moon, however, I did add a small amount of grey around the edges of the moon. I also used only white for the trees and snowflakes.

With the snowflakes, I used the edge of my foam brush to make the snowflakes. This proved to be harder for the kids as they tend to push down on the brushes rather than be light as a feather.

The snow texture is so much fun and gives the picture an extra fun dimension. The kids seemed to struggle with spreading is a little, but it wasn't too bad. And the drying time was pretty fast- within a half-hour or so.

I think this was the hardest painting the kids have done so far, and we had a few struggles, but I think they still did really great! You can check out our Witches Feet, Fall Leaves and Ornaments to see the other projects we've done.

What do you think? How did they do?

Winter's Night - 3rd Grade Art Project

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