Oreo Birthday Cake

This past year for Summer's birthday she decided she wanted to pick her cake from Pinterest. An who I am to tell the girl no when I get to try something new?!? So after scouring for an Oreo cake, she found this one and that is how we ended up with an Oreo Birthday Cake.

This birthday cake was amazing! And really fun to make. But first, I want to share where I found it.  QUEENSLEE APPETIT is the blog I got it from! And I think it is safe to say Summer loved it! (And her birthday was in September, so I am super behind on sharing this!)

It really was a process and I made the cakes on the day before and assembled them the day of her birthday.

This was actually the only picture of the inside of the cake! Darn It! It was already dark in my house by the time we ate cake and by the next day it was falling over because it was so heavy! So this is all you've got! But I promise it tasted good!

I'm not really a chocolate cake fan, but since this one had coffee in it, it worked for me! (Yes, I let my 7 year old have coffee cake!)

There is literally no way for me to share this recipe without copying it word for word because I followed her recipe step by step.  So instead, just go to her blog, QueensleeAppetit for the recipe.

Summer thought this cake was amazing, and she's not wrong! She was so proud that I was able to mostly duplicate it! 

This cake was insanely rich and I'll be honest, after the small pieces we ate on her birthday, we only ate a few small bites here and there. And afterwards, I ended up throwing the rest of the cake away because there is just no way we could eat another bite of it because it was just so sweet! Tasted amazing though!

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