Perspective Landscape - 3rd grade Art

For February's 3rd grade art project I decided to change it up a little. This time I decided to skip the paint and use colored pencils, which just made the project a little quicker because we weren't waiting for any paint to dry. But the kids still all had a lot of fun and seemed to enjoy this perspective landscape.

Teaching kids perspective can be interesting because they get it, but getting them to actually put it onto paper is a little confusing. Why would we want the lines to be close together at the top but nowhere close at the bottom? Some kids struggled just a little to get it, But I think in the end it all came together.

One thing I do when I am preparing these art days is make a picture ahead of time. I like to take a finished picture with me that day because it gets them excited for the project. But then I also use a second piece of paper and walk through it with them step by step. I used the picture above to walk through step by step.

We started with making the line going across the paper from left to right. Then we made the road, drew the mountains, added trees and clouds.

You can see that the kids really make it their own by adding the sun, faces to their clouds, deer. Some even added birds and a river.

Several of the pictures I have done with the kids this year I found on Pinterest, yet they actually came from

They have a lot of really awesome projects that kids will love to do!

I think the kids all did a great job with their perspective landscape drawings!

If you want to see some of the other projects the kids have worked on, check out Winter's Night, Tree Ornaments, Fall Leaves and Witches Feet.

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