3rd Grade Art A Spring Path

It's been a little while since I have stopped by to say hi. You'd think right now I'd have all the time in the world to work on my blog when in reality, life is pretty busy.  So I wanted to finally share this project, 3rd Grade Art - A Spring Path, that I helped Tyler's class with.

It's bittersweet because this actually ended up being the last project I got to do with Tyler's class. I am really grateful that his teacher let me come into the class and do some paintings with them. We did some fun paintings this year and I hope the kids enjoyed it! And as always, DecoArt made it all possible as they supplied ALL of the paint I needed to do these projects with 23 kids!

I found this 3rd grade art A Spring Path on Pinterest.  StepByStepPainting.net provides an easy breakdown to help kids (and adults!) make a beautiful picture. I did change up the colors a little bit so I didn't have quite so many shades, as that gets more complicated than we need it to be with 23 kids!

And as you can see from my picture below I still used quite a few colors. But the kids do great at following directions and then also making it there own.

I started with sketching out a small part for the sun, adding the bright background and creating the path. After I added one layer for the path I went over it with another shade of grey to add some dimension. Then I added green for grass. It isn't very easy to tell, but there is a second green that I added as well so it gives it a pop of color in the grass.

Next, I added the black for the trees. Once the trees were mostly dry I wanted to add some extra color. I decided to add brown into them to create some bark on the trees.

Last, I used three different pinks to create the leaves. I added leaves all over trees and then mixed some of the colors for fun to make additional colored flowers.

As you can see below the kids made it their own by added some birds and a tree stump.

I think they all did a great job!

This was some fun 3rd grade art! A Spring Path was a great way to end of year!

It really was a fun day and a fun project to work on with a group of 3rd graders! They are super fun and creative!

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