A Spring to Remember

It's definitely been a Spring to Remember. I was actually at school helping with Tyler's painting project when our governor announced that school was going to shut down for the next 6 weeks. I sat there chatting with Tyler's teacher about how unbelievable this all felt. For someone like me that stays home, sure this could work. I might go crazy, but we can make it work. But what about all the people that don't have that option? What was going to happen? How was the last year going to wrap up with graduation for my senior? What was going to happen with his upcoming military plans? So many unknowns are scary, but now here we are, two and a half months later and things are still pretty unknown. 

Of course, some things regarding school have worked themselves out. Parents became "distance learning teachers". Our kids became proficient in typing and using computers and Kindles and Ipads for things they never had before.  Our in-class sessions were cancelled for the rest of the school year and Zoom became our new normal way to communicate with our classes and for Girl Scout meetings. 

Sometimes we liked school at home. Sometimes we didn't. 

We did our school work on mom and dad's bed. And sometimes at the park. 

Sometimes we cooked and baked. Tyler and Summer learned to crochet. We did tons of puzzles. And we did Honors Pottery right in the bedroom.  Sometimes we lounged and watched too much tv/video games.

Girl Scouts sold cookies virtually. And did projects via zoom, like art, bird feeders, learning about CyberSecurity, and Earth Day. We have virtual camp- in, made s'mores, shadow puppets on the wall, and did I mention sell cookies?

My senior finished his senior year through zoom calls and google hangouts. He turned 18 and swore into the United States Navy without us there to watch.

He graduated high school virtually, with his picture on a tv screen, without his friends by his side.  To say that this isn't how we saw the year wrapping up is quite the understatement. But thankfully, this chill kid of mine has taken it pretty well and of course, he is bummed. This isn't how he envisioned the year either. 

None of expected to spend our days entirely at home. Husband working from the kitchen table, cords plugged in in different directions. Doing schoolwork on the couch or the bed. Finding new ways to be creative, never leaving the backyard. But here we are, Killin' it! 

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